Post Scabies vs Scabies

Published: 09th December 2009
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Scabies is typically seen in newly adopted children, older people and people who have comprimised immune systems, scabies is very contagious and spreads at a fast rate. Scabies are microscopic mites that dig under the skin and cause extreme itching. There are many different ways to treat scabies, some of them potentially dangerous, it is suggested that you find a natural way to cure your scabies rather then using products containing permethrin.

After a visit to your doctor he will be able to determine if it is scabies or not, likely if your getting skin rashes and extreme itching you have scabies. In most cases your doctor will take a skin scraping of areas on your skin to determine if you have scabies, there is also a home test you can do using ink. To test if you have scabies at home take some ink and rub it on the area you think you have scabies, wait a few minutes then rub off the ink, if you see ink within your skin still you likely have scabies. Scabies symptoms consist of things like itching, blisters, redness, irritability and discomfort which is caused by the deat mites and their debris which is under your skin. The post scabies debris underneath your skin can take anywhere from months to years to surface out of your skin, it depends on how bad your scabies infestation was that will determine how long it takes you to full recover.

Scabies typically happens near folds of skin, places clothing is close to the skin, warm spots on your body and places they can burrow and survive. The most commonly infected areas are between the toes and fingers, the heels, wrists, elbows and waistlines. Scabies can not be seen by the human eye, thus you need to do a ink test or have your doctor take a skin scraping to determine if you have scabies.

Post scabies is the condition after you have treated your skin for scabies, it will still undergo irritation, lessions and reddening of the skin as your skin is still allergic to the mites and their debris under your skin. In post scabies it is good to use exfoliator products and moisturizers to pamper your skin while it deals with the surfacing of mites and debris. This process can take anywhere from months to years, it all depends on how fast you were diagnosed and treated. A typical case of scabies which is diagnosed and treated immediately only takes 4-5 weeks for a full recovery.

A good way to avoid getting scabies or reinfested is to stay away from people infected and their environments, just until they are cured. Avoiding skin to skin contact is the easiest way for you to prevent getting scabies, in most cases scabies is widespread in schools, orphanages, retirment homes and places where the living conditions are small in space.

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