Contracting Scabies during Pregnancy

Published: 16th February 2010
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Scabies is an infectious skin condition which is caused by the parasitic mites beneath the surface of the skin. They could be spread from one human host to another, while coming into contact with the infested human being. These mites are microscopic in nature and hence the symptoms appear about one or two weeks after the infestation.

Scabies can cause a lot of discomfort during pregnancy. Studies have shown that insecticides used to cure scabies can adversely affect the embryo and hence can have a negative impact on the infant. Usually 6-8% of the scabies repellent is absorbed at the time when it is externally applied to the skin.

Permethrin is another effective medicine used for the treatment of scabies. It is also an insecticide and is sold as a 5% lotion. It does not pose any side effects and therefore is safe to use during pregnancy. In most cases, the first trimester of pregnancy is crucial and therefore care must be taken. Lactating women must not apply the scabicides on the breasts and must keep the child away, so that the condition is not infested in the child.

Try and use the natural medications for scabies, since these are free from chemicals or all kinds of side effects. You may also consider the application of tea tree oil which would help in reducing the symptoms of scabies and create a soothing effect. Tea tree oil possesses curative properties which can also help eliminate the underlying parasites.

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